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Zillion International Royal Foods

We, Zillion International Royal Foods are a Pune, Maharashtra, India-based organization engaged in offering a wide range of superior-quality Edible Oils. We also import carrier oils such as Sunflower Oil, Soybean Oil, and Palm Oil. Our edible oils are 100% pure and unadulterated. Our groundnut oil is a rich source of monounsaturated fatty acids and helps maintain a healthy heart. Our soyabean oil contains vitamin A and vitamin D and has zero cholesterol. Our palm oil is prepared from freshly harvested fruits of the oil palm trees. The entire product range is offered in anti-spillage bottles and pouches that are easy to store and convenient to use. Our oils are suitable for sauteing and deep frying and are marketed under the brand name “Zillion Oil”.  


We have plans to explore more products in the future. Our oils are of premium quality and available at affordable prices. We also supply crude and loose oil to the refinery industry, hence, our oil supply quantum and volume are very high which is an added benefit for our stockists and distributors. 


Our organization was established in the year 2022 and within a year we have made satisfactory progress in this domain. Going forward, we envision ourselves to keep growing at an impressive rate. We are looking for people or organizations intending to become our state-level distributors. 


Our products:

– Refined and Non-refined Sunflower Oil

– Refined and Non-refined Soybean Oil

– Refined and Non-refined Palm oil

– Refined and Non-refined Groundnut Oil

– Refined and Non-refined cold-pressed Mustard Oil

– Sesame Oil

– Safflower Oil

– Almond Oil

– Olive Oil

– Coconut Oil


USPs of the product range:

– Our sesame oil helps maintain heart health and has no cholesterol

– Our oils are offered in anti-spillage bottles and pouches

– Our oils are easy to store and convenient to use when cooking

– These are suitable for use in sauteing, roasting, frying, and baking

– Our olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids

– No harmful chemicals have been used in the processes of extraction, filtration and packing


Our distributors need to have:

– Available space of 300 Sqft. to 500 Sqft. for disributors and  

1000 Sqft. to 2000 Sqft. for stockists

– The ability to make an initial investment between Rs. 5.00 Lac – Rs. 15.00 Lac [For Distributor Rs.5 lakh (Rs.2.5 lakh for Materials and rest Rs.2.5 lakh for deposit. For Stockiest Rs.15 lack ( Rs. 750000 lakh for Materials and rest 750000/- for deposit)]

– Ability to quickly integrate out-of-the-box marketing strategies

– Some prior experience would be preferable


Our distributors can expect:

– Appreciable returns on investment

– Unique marketing strategies from our side

– Help in making techniques to connect with the customers 

– Sector-leading margins on products

– An opportunity to be associated with a well-known firm in the market


Company USPs:

– Superior quality oils

– Ethical and transparent business policies

– Experienced and responsible team members

– Proactive approach towards customer relationship

– State-of-the-art quality testing unit

– Prompt delivery

– Competitive prices