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WE Herbal

WE Herbal

Product Details

100% Natural Hair Care Combo

Pure Neem Combo Comb Paclk

Body Lotion

Face Care Skin Care Gift Hamper

Face Care Combo For Dry and Dull Skin

Kumkumadi Oil

Insulin Plant Leaf Powder

Body Guard Digestive Relief Syrup

Kumkumadi Oil| No added Colors | No artificial Fragerance

Kumkumadi Ubtan Face Wash

Kumkumadi Face Cream| No Added Fragerance

Natural Rose Water | Rose Water

Kumkumadi Face Cream

Natural Rose Water | Rose Water

Citrus Fruit Lip Balm

Male Health Care Tablets

Zero Chemical Ubtan Bathing Bar HerbalSoap

Kumkumadi Lip Balm

Hair Mask

Hair Oil

Pure Neem Handle Comb

Pure Neem Pocket Comb

Pure Neem Tail Comb

Beauty Herb - Organic Amba

Natural Henna Powder

Organic Moringa Powder

Organic Bhumi Amla Powder

Herbal Tea

Organic Madhunashini Powder

Insulin Plant Leaf Powder

Organic Bhumi Amla Powder

Herbal Tea

Bamboo Tooth Brush

Bamboo Toungue Cleaner

Bamboo Travel Brush

Product And Company Details

Here at We Herbal, wellness and nature come together. We Herbal takes great delight in producing an extensive selection of freshly made, all-natural, herbal, and organic items. We just promise that none of our products contain artificial chemicals or extra color or fragrance.


We Herbal, which was founded in 2022 with the idea that nature has the greatest answers, painstakingly chooses quality herbs and organic components to make products that improve your health. Every product, from restorative skincare products to calming herbal drinks, has been carefully chosen to provide you with the finest form of nature.


Come along on a trip to discover the magic of living naturally. We Herbal cultivates a way of life that is in harmony with the environment, so that you can enjoy the goodness of pure, botanical riches with every purchase you make. We don’t just sell items. Welcome to a world where nature and purity combine to make you happier and healthier.



Requirements to Become Our Distributors


The distributors should have minimum 200 sq. ft. storage space.

We prefer distributors who are capable of investing 1-2 lakh rupees in the business.

We want to associate with experienced, supportive and honest distribution personnel.


The distributors must have the ability to complete the sales targets on time.

Product Portfolio


Organic Bhumi Amla Powder

Natural Rose Water | Rose Water

Organic Moringa Powder

Kumkumadi Sun Shield | Kumkumadi Sunscreen

Natural Henna Powder

Kumkumadi Ubtan Face Wash

Beauty Herb – Organic Amba Haldi Powder

Kumkumadi Oil

Pure Neem Tail Comb

Baby Guard Digestive Relief Syrup

Pure Neem Pocket Comb

Bamboo Travel Brush

Herbal Face Mask

Bamboo Kids Brush

Zero Chemical Ubtan Bathing Bar | Herbal Soap

Kumkumadi Face Cream



USP’s of the Products


Natural ingredients

Skin friendly

Easy to use

Free from chemicals

No side effects

Longer shelf life



Company USP’s


We Herbal is a one stop shop to buy herbal products ranging from face mask, face cream, oil, amla powder to various others.

All the products in our company are made through natural ingredients thus, they are free from side effects.

Here at our firm, we try to maintain the highest quality standards in our product portfolio.


We are appreciated in the market for our on-time delivery, fair prices and unmatched quality.

Distributors Benefits

Perks the Distributors Will Get

The distributors get the opportunity to earn profitable margins on the sale of the goods.

They can establish a reliable reputation in the respective industry.

By associating with our firm, they get the chance to understand the market closely.

They will get full support in terms of marketing and operational activities.

Company Name:- We Herbal

Address:- 1504, Antartica C, Lodha Aqua, Mira Road,

Phone Number:-

Please contact us or send your response to become our distributor.

Location Expansion

Preferred Location


West Bengal, 

Arunachal Pradesh, 









Union Territories

Andaman and Nicobar Islands, 


Dadra and Nagar Haveli, 

Daman and Diu, 



Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu, 


Andhra Pradesh, 



Tamil Nadu, 






Madhya Pradesh, 




Himachal Pradesh, 

Jammu and Kashmir, 

Uttar Pradesh,