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The Upvan Valley

The Upvan Valley

Product Details

Ericare Organic Castor Oil 200 ml

Sehaj - Divine Aqua Mosturizing Cream With SPF 30

Sun Defense Anti Acne Aqua Sunscreen SPF 30

Dirt Away Anti Acne Aqua Neem Carrot For Teenagers Youth Skin

Ojaswi Deep Hydrating Age Defining Face Oil Kumkumadi Other Luxurious Herbs

Get Glow Clayrifying Acne Toner Marigold Rose For Teenagers Youth Skin

Asht Pushp Face Ubtan Purifying Brightening Treatment

Tejas Face Scrub

Nirmal Rasa- Radiance Reveleing Face Wash Cream With Avocado Vitamin C

Product And Company Details

The Upvan Valley indulges in providing the best ayurvedic products to the masses by offering Sehaj, Ratrti Rupam, Asht Lepam, Tejas, Nirmal Rasa, Punch Dhara, and other skin care ayurvedic products under the brand name Anahi Herbs – Naturally Luxurious. The products are formulated using pure herbs from southern part of India. All of these herbs are carefully chosen and are known for their medicinal benefits. Given their respective composition, all of these products are best suited for skin related issues. Sold at nominal prices, these products don’t have any kind of ingredients that can prove to be harmful. Owing to these reasons, our products now have huge demand.


All of these products are formulated using the latest formulation methods with the science of Ayurveda. Our team makes sure that these products reach our customers on time.


Located in Rohtak, Haryana, India, and formed in 2021. Now we are expanding PAN India, that’s why we are looking for business associates to reach users globally.


For this objective, we are looking for district-level distributors. Interested in being a part of the Ayurvedic market and be our distributor.


Offered products:

– Sehaj – Divine Aqua Moisturizing Cream with with SPF 30:

Sehaj is a water based moisturizer with SPF30. Harmful Sun rays increase early skin-aging and tanning. To protect the skin, use Sehaj sunscreen with the broad spectrum SPF value of 30. It not only protects the skin from harmful sun rays, but also improves texture.

– Ratri Rupam – Midnight Recovery Cream:

Ratri Rupam is specially designed for all skin type. This effective cream contains powerful Ayurvedic ingredients with scientific method. Its helps lighten pigmentation, blemishes, clarify skin and heal acne scars

– Asht Lepam – Face Ubtan:

An ancient recipe with scientific method includes, Nagkesar, Lavendar & saffron etc., These infused herbs rejuvenate the skin and remove tan, open clogged pores, removes excess oil and cure acne

– Tejas – Face Scrub:

Tejas Face scrub infused with star anise, kumkumadi Tailam, Turmeric, sunflower, Vitamin C,D &E, and other effective herbs. This blend restores collagen production, removes dead skin cells to reveal smooth and radiant skin, cream base texture exfoliates gently, softens the skin and improves it’s elasticity

– Sun Defence – Anti Acne Aqua Sunscreen SPF30:

Sun Defence Anti acne Aqua Sunscreen is light weight for sensitive skin and acne prone skin. This water based cream defends skin upto 30 SPF against UVB and UVA rays. Daily usage enables skin hydration and protect from skin damage. Sun defence highly effective for outdoor activities like swimming and high performance sports.

– Asht Pushp Face Ubtan – Purifying & Brightening Treatment:

Asht Pushp face ubtan, This two – in – one mask spot treatment treats active acne and prevents scars, Works as purifying and brightening treatment mask, detoxifies skin and removes excess oil that can cause acne, removes immpurities & dead skin cells. After using Asht Pushp ubtan, you will get soft and luminous skin

– Nirmal Rasa – Radiance Revealing face wash, Avocado with Vitamin C:

Nirmal Rasa gently removes impurities and restores hydration. Brightens the appearance of skin and reduces signs of aging-

– Panch Dhara – Soothing & Hydrating Toner, Vetiver & Naroli:

Panch Dhara toner is suitable for all skin types. This invigorating toner balances skin appearance, hydrates and minimizes pores

– Dirt Away – Anti acne Face wash, Neem & Carrot (For Teenagers and Youth Skin):

Dirt Away face wash is a gentle and hydrating cleanser. It clarifies clogged pores and helps eliminating excess oil. Which is one of the main reason for acne, does not cause dryness after application. Maintains the pH balance of the skin

– Get Glow – Clarifying Acne Toner, Marigold & Rose (For Teenagers and Youth Skin):

Get Glow clarifying acne toner is a boost of hydration for lustrous and glowing skin. It has non-sticky formula that instantly quenches dryness and restores skin. It protects from “Break Outs”, improves uneven skin tone and allows fresh cells to surface faster

– Ojasvi – Deep Hydrating Age Defining Face Oil, Kumkumadi & Other Luxurious Herbs:

The effective oil is a blend of Ayurvedic formula with its powerful ingredients which instantly penetrates the heart of the skin. It regenerates the deepest layers of skin and helps rebuild the deep down architecture giving it a resilient framework. The skin is visibly firmer. Your face appears toned and plump, and its elasticity is restored

– Citrus Lip Balm – Unique SPF 10:

Moisturize and protect dry lips with this Citrus lip balm. SPF10 defends lips against harmful UV rays, soothing Avocado oil restores softness and Mango relieves dryness. Infused with Coco seed butter, shea Butter Wax, Eladi Tailum, Almond oil etc., which moisturizes chapped lips and prevents darkening


Products USP’s:

– We aim to bring to you pure ayurvedic skin care products made of selected and pure ingredients from the southern part of India

– Every bit of our product is full of purity which caters to keeping your skin healthy and shiny

– Our products are certified by Ministry of Ayush

– Paraben free

– We sell world luxurious ayurvedic products

– We provide more than luxury, instead of trying to hide or alter your skin’s natural chemistry, we develop our products to interact along with it. Instead of encouraging women to embrace their magnificence, many alternative products are designed to solve their fears. Our solutions are designed to assist you become the confident woman you deserve to be because we think you are ‘Gorgeous.’ You deserve, we care



Stay gorgeous! Stay young with Ayurveda

Distributorship prerequisites:
– An amount of INR 3 lakhs – INR 5 lakhs will be required as an initial investment
– A space of 200 – 300 sq. ft. will be required to keep these ayurvedic products
– Previous experience in this domain would be preferred
– Customer satisfaction should be the top priority

Company USP’s:

– Ethical business policies

– Customer centricity

– People friendly environment

– Proactive organization


– Constructive change-oriented communication

Distributors Benefits

Distributors advantages:
– Support in brand building and advertising
– Informative brochures will be provided
– Appreciable returns on investment

Company Name: – The Upvan Valley

Address:- 10, Model Town Rohtak

Phone Number:-

Please contact us or send your response to become our distributor.

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