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Rorosaur Foodtech Private Limited

Rorosaur Foodtech Private Limited is a front-runner in the field of nutrient-enriched and balanced baby food products. We are passionate about transforming how parents feed their kids, and our ultimate goal is to offer many tastefully made baby food options that support the growth and development and proper nutrition of babies right from the very first bites.


We keep an eye on the brand and recipes, taking full control of every aspect. We offer products such as Spinachy Grains Porridge Powders, Millety Pumpkin Porridge Powders, Muskmelon Mango Puree, Sweetpotato Apple Puree, Cucumber Basil Puree and more that meet the needs of babies up to the age of 6 months.


However, we are not limited to it. We foresee a future, where our product range will include food products that are required by mothers who are pregnant and those who are lactating. By doing so, we want to acquire a better position in the market as a brand to rely upon in all phases of child development.


Join us in our ambitious expansion journey by becoming distributors. We are passionate about delivering healthy food products to families throughout India. To achieve this, we are set to establish our products in the market by partnering with enthusiastic distributors. We have the goal of feeding the next generation and strengthening families through healthier food choices.


By collaborating with companies and individuals, and appointing them as our distributors, we want to have a long-lasting positive impact on the lives of children and their families across the country.


Products In Our Offerings List


  • Spinachy Grains Porridge Powders

  • Millety Pupkin Porridge Powders

  • Wheaty Ragi Porridge Powders

  • Rice-o-Lentil Porridge Powders

  • Spinachy Grains Puree

  • Muskmelon Mango Puree

  • Sweetpotato Apple Puree

  • Cucumber Basil Puree


Key Attractions of Our Products


  • Absolutely safe to be consumed.

  • High in nutritional value

  • Pleasant in aroma

  • Mouth-watering taste

  • Rich flavors


Eligibility to Be Our Distributor


We are looking for the following qualities in individuals or companies to appoint them as our distributors:


  • An investment of a minimum of INR 5 to 25 Lakh

  • A specific workspace to perform the trade tasks

  • A proven track record in distribution in the food and beverage sector

  • A good understanding of the market landscape

  • Excellent networking skills

  • Commitment to providing exceptional customer service


Perks of being our distributor


  • Ideal products that parents look for their kids

  • Excellent marketing materials and training programmes

  • Bulk or urgent order fulfillment

  • Excellent support in addressing the concerns or issues of customers

  • Potential to expand into new markets, and grab opportunities for our exclusive product lines.

  • Favorable terms, discounts, offers, or schemes


USP’s of Our Company



  • We have our own manufacturing facilities.

  • We follow top standards for maintaining quality in our baby food products.

  • We deliver products in sealed and well-labelled packaging.

  • We focus on feedback and strive to make improvements.