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PRO Nutrierr Lifescience

We, Pro Nutrierr Lifescience, are offering a diverse range of herbal products. This range
includes Nutrierr Nourisherr – Plant protein – Daily Nourisher, Nutrierr Immunity Booster, Nutrierr
Detoxifierr – Spirulina, and allied products. These products are made by an expert team of
nutritionists and food scientists. Offered under the brand name Nutrierr Wakes Nutrition, our
team uses high-quality herbal ingredients to make these products. That is why, all our products
are 100% natural and ideal for vegans. Moreover, they are highly effective and do not contain
anything which is toxic in nature like harmful additives, chemicals, etc.
Every product that is offered by us is processed in a hygienic environment. Our herbal products
are passed through numerous quality checks before their final delivery. They are offered in
sturdy HDPE bottles in order to keep them intact during their final shipment.
Based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, we were established in the year 2020. We are able to
prosper in the domain in less time due to these products and our consumer-centric approach.
We have gained an annual sale which is standing between INR 20 lakhs – INR 25 lakhs.
To expand our business in this segment, we are looking for credible and dependable state-level
Offered products:
– Nutrierr Nourisherr- Plant Protein -Daily Nourisher
– Nutrierr Immunity Booster
– Nutrierr Detoxifierr -Spirulina
– Nutrierr Tropical Treat
– Nutrierr Triphala Extract
– Nutrierr Sandalwood Star
– Nutrierr Triphala Extract
– Nutrierr Rechargerr – Moringa Capsules

USPs of our products:

– High nutritional value

– Safe consumption

– Precise composition

– Longer shelf life

Distributorship conditions:

– A space of 100 sq. ft. will be needed to keep our products

– Must invest an amount of INR 1.00 Lac – INR 3.00 Lac

– Proficiency in marketing

– Quality centric approach culminating in full customer satisfaction

– Experience holders in this sector will be given preference

Distributorship advantages:

– A chance to get associated with a new but steadily growing firm in this sector

– Our marketing and operations team will always support our prospective distributors

– High returns on the investment

– Splendid margins on our products

Features of this business organization

– We are famous for our diligence and honesty.

We always emphasize on ensuring optimal product quality
– We are backed by a helpful workforce
– We have a well sanitized processing unit