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PDR Foods

PDR Foods offers Ice Cream Shorts, Flavoured Ice Cream, Pan Sticks, Cones, and other types of ice-creams. All of the products are creamy and smooth and are neither hard nor soft. That is why they have a good mouthfeel and are enjoyable to eat. These items are stored for a reasonable time frame and due to this reason, they do not get stale and unfit to consume for a long time. These items offer good value for money due to their mouthwatering taste. Offered cones are also both crispy and crunchy.




These ice creams are made with high-quality food ingredients that are carefully tested before they are used to make these products. All of them are offered to consumers at affordable prices. These products are delivered to our consumers on time. Since our inception, we never failed in it. Obviously, they are given to our consumers only after strict quality checks. Offered products are made and quality checked in a condition that is always hygienic.




Currently, we are searching for state-level distributors who can aid us in our market expansion across India. The ice cream market is one of the biggest in the world. This means by joining us as our distributors you are earning a chance to do business in it.




Offered ice-creams:


– Ice Cream Shorts


– Flavoured Ice Cream


– Pan Sticks


– Cones


– Ice Cream Puri


– Ice Cream Falooda


– Ice Cream Roll




Please note that this list is not exhaustive.




USPs of these ice creams:


– Our ice creams are delicious


– They have a long shelf life


– They are safe to consume




Distributorship essentials:


– A space will be needed to keep our ice creams


– Full customer satisfaction should always be the first priority


– Experience holders in this sector will be given preference




Distributorship perks:


– High-profit margins


– Complete support will be provided by us


– Rights to sell these top-class food items




Company USPs:


– We are a consumer-focused company


– We are known for our transparency

– We offer a best-in-class range of ice creams