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Nethika Naturals Private Limited

Nethika Naturals (Pvt.) Ltd. Based in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, is a company founded by a group of scientists with extensive phytochemistry, phytopharmacology, and pharmaceutical industrial experience. We started our company with the goal of bringing the ideal wellness products to the market. We do this by combining traditional medical systems with modern scientific knowledge. The company’s mission is to provide scientifically designed, effective natural products (herbal dietary supplements) for various health issues. We believe in “One Problem, One Solution,” or a single product designed to take complete care of the particular health problem.


Our strength is on selecting ideal combination of herbs and premium quality herbal extract. Each product is an efficacious combination of herbs based on the pathophysiology of the disease. We are confident in our progress because of the value proposition of the product and the herbal “renaissance” is taking place all over.

We believe that enabling individuals, the community healthcare professionals aware on the benefits of modern herbal extracts will lead to hassle free sustainable healthcare to all individuals.


Our product have High-Quality herbal extract, Specific health Benefits, 100% Safe and affordable price, formulated and manufactured GMP and ISO certified unit, the product meets stringent Nutraceuticals guidelines laid out by FSSAI and their Quality control measures. We provide the best products, expert support, and proper business planning. We are looking for state-level distributors to help us expand our market reach. If you want to do, businesses in the herbal supplement market. You can be our distributor.


Features of herbal supplements:

– High level of effectiveness

– Safe consumption

– Long shelf life


Conditions of being our distributors:

– Our distributors must have a Marketing structure in place

– They will be preferred if they are experienced in herbal Supplement category

– They must have a flawless record of accomplishment


Benefits of being our distributors:

– Our distributors will get technical support from our scientists

– Our distributors will acquire high-profit margins

– They will be given informational brochures


Business organization USPs:

– We provide top-quality products

– We are known for our customer-centric approach