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Welcome to Mani Foods, where we think healthy snacking may improve your quality of life. Presenting “Bunch,” a premium, health-conscious snack brand that is revolutionizing the way people eat. Explore a world of taste and nutrition with our carefully chosen assortment of premium nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. Bunch is more than simply a snack; it’s a delectable concoction of goodness designed to provide you with energy and nutrients throughout the day. With Bunch, you can enhance your snacking experience because delicious food and excellent health go hand in hand.


We cordially encourage you to explore the amazing opportunities of collaborating with Mani Foods if you’re motivated, excited, and prepared to join the snack revolution. Together, let’s share the love of delicious snacks with everyone and make snack lovers’ lives unforgettable! Help us establish Mani Foods as the go-to option for snack enthusiasts everywhere.



Requirements to Become Distributors


Distributors should have adequate space to keep the products.

They must be financially well to invest 2-3 lakh rupees.

We favour knowledgeable, dependable, and experienced distributors.

We work with distributors who conduct their company in an honest and moral manner.



Perks the Distributors Will Get


The distributors can earn up to 8-10% margin and commission or incentives based on performance.

The distributors can draw in potential clients by showcasing their skills.

They are able to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the market.

They are able to increase the strength and reach of their distribution network.



Product Portfolio




Dried Cranberry





Pumpkin Seeds

Sunflower Seeds



USP’s of the Products


Fresh & pure

Adulteration free

Longer shelf life

Good for heath

Rich in nutrition



Company USP’s


We are a young & passionate business enterprise.

Complete backing of the team’s talented and experienced members.

Ability to fulfill clients’ urgent, large-scale, and customized orders.


We constantly uphold the product line’s highest quality standards.