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Today Tea

TODAY TEA has been a part of the tea industry since 1990 and still is still carrying the legacy of blending and packing fine teas for its valuable customers and tea lovers. We offer a range of tea including TODAY PREMIUM TEA, TODAY HARYALI TEA, etc. The thing that makes the tea brand a perfect choice for all is the continued emphasis of the brand on the production of quality tea products. Due to their delectable taste, our products are like a treat for several people, especially tea lovers. Offered under the brand name TODAY, every tea provided by us has an irresistible aroma. These superior-grade items are created using quality-assured tea leaves, elaichi, and other food ingredients. We procure our tea leaves from Assam and other neighbouring tea regions. They are offered in tough packets so that contaminants and other external factors do not affect their taste and aroma. People love to buy our TODAY HARYALI TEA because they can acquire gifts e.g., buckets, containers, stools, etc. whenever they buy it.


We are a brand that is trusted by millions. We enjoy envious goodwill and reputation in North Indian states covering many states like Uttar Pradesh, Delhi NCR, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Jammu & Kashmir. We have a registered office in Delhi and a plant in Noida in Uttar Pradesh where we add a dimension to all sizes of tea packs through highly-automatic packing machines. We have around 300 distributors on its side. Our turnover has been consistently edging around ₹200 crores. We have been endorsed by many known celebrities like Raveena Tandon in the past. The company also offers its product in Kendriya Bhandar and Metro mega stores.


With its increasing sales and growth in the market, the company is looking for distributors outside its current strongholds.


That is why we are searching for country-level distributors but right now we are searching for state-level distributors in Bihar.

Note: Our distributorship agreement is going to be for a lifetime.

Offered products:


– Today Haryali Tea in the packaging of 250gm and 1kg with many schemes

– TODAY STAR in packaging of 250 GM, 1 KG, 500 GM, RS 10, RS 5, RS 20


Features of our products:

– Our products are aromatic

– Their shelf life is long

– This range of tea has a good taste


Distributorship conditions:

– Our distributors have to pay an amount of INR 4 lakhs as an initial investment

– To keep this top-quality range of tea, they must have storage space of 200 – 300 sq. ft.

– Our distributors must be experienced with expertise in their respective fields

– Our distributors should be willing to provide support to customers when needed

– They must have a long-term interest in growing the business

Distributorship benefits:

– Our new distributors margin rate is 8-9%

– They will get help with advertising

– Being an experienced organization, we guarantee that they will earn profitable returns on the investments

– They will get complete support from our experts who suggest effective & innovative marketing strategies for them

– On doing a pre-specified number of sales, our distributors will get extra margins over the existing one

Company USPs:

– We offer high-quality tea leaves at the most affordable price in the market

– We have ISO and FSSAI certification

– We are a household name in its current market

– We have a thinking that if the distributors are happy and growing then we will grow automatically

– We have an experience of 33 years

– We are a consumer-focused company