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Lopchu Tea Co. Ltd.

Enjoy the freshness of Darjeeling Tea which is harvested and uniquely flavored by the cool environs of 4800 ft. altitude. Lopchu Tea Co. Ltd., a Kolkata, West Bengal based company is dealing in a wide variety of fresh & pure Tea which is available in GOP – Golden Orange Pekoe Tea, FOP – Flowery Orange Pekoe Tea, BM – Broken Mixed Tea, Tea Bags, etc. Our company established its brand, Lopchu, years back in 1924. With huge experience of around 99 years, we have achieved a leading position in the Indian beverage industry. One of the main goals of our company is to expand our business reach across the country and become the top source of Tea.

To fulfill the business objectives, we are planning to collaborate with the most trusted and experienced distributors who will help us in distributing the products in every nook & corner of the nation. We are prioritizing those distributors who have good knowledge and skills in this industry.

Requirements to Become Distributors

First & foremost, the distributors must be honest and fair towards their business dealings.

To secure our products from damage, the distributors must have safe & spacious storage space.

The distributors should be capable of investing a good amount of money in the business.

The distributors should be aware about the market trends, customer requirements and industry standards.

Product Portfolio

GOP – Golden Orange Pekoe Tea

FOP – Flowery Orange Pekoe Tea

BM – Broken Mixed Tea

OPF – Orange Pekoe Fanning Tea

Tea Bags

Perks the Distributors will get

The distributors will get a great chance to make their own contacts and expand their business network.

We guarantee that the distributors will get profitable returns on their investments in the business.

By selling the products in the market, they can earn great margins on the sale of each product.

The distributors will get the chance to understand the market trends closely and get to know the requirements of the customers.

USP’s of the Products

Refreshing taste

Superb aroma

Easy to make

Free from chemicals

Easy to brew

Company USP’s

It has been almost 10 decades that we have been fulfilling the requirements of the Indian beverage industry.

We are supported by knowledgeable, talented and skilled professionals who perform their functions sincerely.

We always follow fair practices in our business and encourage transparency in the working system.

Our company works cordially with the clients to better understand their specific needs and growing demands.