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Livin Hygge

Livin Hygge derives its name from the Danish word “hygge,” which signifies care, comfort,
warmth, bliss, and coziness. Livin Hygge takes pride in introducing itself as a multi-industry
artisanal brand that provides a broad range of luxury products perfect for gifting and indulgence.
We specialize in personal care products, silver jewelry, home comfort & decor items, artisan
chocolates, and more.
Here, we seek to expand our business and are looking for companies to collaborate with us. We
aim to partner with distributors who can extend the reach of our collection into different markets.
As a brand, we enjoy extensive popularity, and our products are highly cherished by people. By
taking on our distributorships, companies can experience a dreamy successful business. To
acquire distributorship, please get in touch with us!
Products We Provide
We offer a mouth-watering range of Assorted Bonbons & Truffles in various shapes, sizes, and
Additionally, we have a broad collection of Silver Jewelry, Personal Care Products, Home
Comfort & Decor Items, and Artisan Chocolates.
Why Our Products Are Loved?
Our Assorted Bonbons & Truffles are adored in the market for their:
Rich flavors
Delicious taste

Attractive appeal
High-quality ingredients
Pleasant aroma
Key Criteria To Be Our Distributor
A working space of 100 sq. ft.
Stable financial position to handle business tasks
Willingness to engage in this business and achieve growth
Positive mindset and planned work approaches
Excellent sales skills
Support We Provide To Our Distributors
We conduct advertising campaigns and branding initiatives that enhance our brand recognition
and aid our distributors in generating sales.
We provide product brochures containing information about the variety of flavors available and
our product range.
We offer assistance to our distributors in handling logistical challenges.
Reasons To Choose Us
We have sound facilities to meet all market demands for Assorted Bonbons & Truffles.

We provide products in attractive and high-quality packaging material suitable for gifting
We prioritize customer feedback and strive to be the best according to their preferences.