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Personal Care

Personal Care
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Beauty Hygiene Products Marketing

In recent years, the numbers of personal care products in India have been increasing significantly with popular international brands and many new local brands coming up too. With changing trends and people becoming more conscious about styling and looks, the market for products has been increasing. We have recognised the needs of our customers and have a wide range of grooming accessories, hair care and oral care products.

Hair Care and Skin Care

Hair and skin care has got to be the most important part of your daily routine, and having your regular products is very important for your daily functioning. It’s not only women who are concerned about their particular products any more. There is a wide range of products for men too. Styling gels and serums, shampoos and conditioners from top brands like BBlunt, Set Wet, Dove, Himalaya and TRESemmé, to name a few.

All your favourite brands of deodorants, body washes, face wash and scrubs, creams and oils are available.

Ayurvedic products in India

Ayurvedic remedies have been around for years but the development of attractive and easy to use products like soaps and shampoos took a while to come about. Now, there are many competitive brands with competitive pricing to regular products on the market. Patanjali products have been gaining a lot of popularity as they deal in a wide range of products ranging from cosmetics, food products, masalas, juices and more. With great quality and affordable pricing this brand is coming out on top.

Skin Care and Hair Care for Men

Whether you have dry skin or oily skin, and thick hair or fine hair, finding products and a routine that suit you best are of utmost importance. However, with so many different products in the market, it becomes easy to lose track of prices and quality. A variety of different problems call for personalised solutions; from razor burn to wrinkles, to hair loss and dry skin. You may not have the time to go and purchase these individual products, and that’s what  does for you. With express delivery at your doorstep, finding the time to buy your favourite products is no longer a hassle!

Grooming Requirements

Cut that hair, shave that beard, find the perfect deodorant or perfume, get dressed and still manage to get to work on time? Grooming needs for men have gone far beyond the standard cut and shave. Good grooming and hygiene is not only linked to health, but also to a more successful lifestyle. Following simple steps such as using personalised products for different needs and washing your hair once every two days can make a large difference. The products you need are even delivered to you with no extra effort. With express delivery options, bigbasket can deliver all those grooming care products to your doorstep in record time! From delivery in New Delhi to delivery in Chennai bigbasket does not leave a stone unturned in providing you men’s personal care products online.

You may also like patanjali lotions on bigbasket. People also considered Patanjali hair colour.

Beauty Hygiene Products For Women

We know how important personal care is to women and how most women just cannot do without their favourite products on a daily basis. Whether it’s for your daily skin care, hair care or if you’re shopping beauty care products, we have all your favourite brands, as well as Ayurvedic and organic options. Beauty hygiene products are an important part of your daily routine and doing without them can cause unnecessary unhappiness. That’s why we at bigbasket have made it so easy for you to pick up all your products from one place, while doing all your other shopping, and get it as soon as you like with our express delivery option!

Hair Care Products

The pride of every woman is her precious hair, and the most necessary items to keep those tresses looking great are hair care products. Whether it’s your everyday shampoo from Dove or that special hair oil from Himalaya, we know your needs well and have all the specific products of every brand. Shopping for women’s beauty hygiene products online was never easier; from shampoos and conditioners to dryers and serums of all sorts, you can get it all under one roof.

Skin care for you

Soaps, deodorants, cosmetics and washes – you need it all on a daily basis. We  are determined to have it all for you, intelligently sourced. If you like to smell like a garden of roses you need to make sure you always have your favourite soaps, talcs and deodorants in stock. We know how you can’t leave the house without your streak of kajal and or splash of colour with a different nail polish every other day, and that’s why we house all your favourite brands like Lakme, Biotique, Maybelline and many others.

Comfort is essential for you at all times and that’s why we’ve stocked up on all the brands and varieties they provide for all your sanitary needs. From regular cotton pads, tampons, panty liners and adult diapers, you don’t need to feel uncomfortable when you shop with us. You can choose a delivery time that is most convenient for you and avail of our delivery in Bengaluru, delivery in New Delhi and most major cities.

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