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Coffee, Tea, Green Tea, Ginger Tea, Chamomile Tea, Coffee Beans and Tea Bags

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Don’t stress because you don’t have time to make fresh juices or drinks to keep you hydrated at all times. We at Retail Marketing have all the types of beverages you need and assure you great quality products too. At Retail Marketing we understand all your dietary needs and make sure we stay up to speed with all the latest products on the market giving you plenty of options to choose from. If it’s express delivery at your doorstep that you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place.

We offer you the freedom to choose, choose your products and choose the time you want it delivered to you. You would also like to check patanjali juice from Retail Marketing.

Energy and Health Drinks

Who says you can’t stay fit and healthy if you don’t have the time to spend on making healthy drinks at home? Retail Marketing has a wide range of online beverages ranging from specific Ayurvedic drinks to powerful energy drinks and health drinks too. Patanjali has a wide range of extremely affordable and tasty Ayurvedic drinks that are easy to use. Simply add water and you have yourself a healing and tasty drink. We also have energy drinks from Gatorade and Red Bull for all the fitness buffs out there. When you’re shopping for online beverages in India don’t forget to stock up on your kid’s favourite health drinks from Horlicks, Bournvita or Boost!

Fruit Drinks and Juices

Quench that thirst with Retail marketing enormous collection of beverages. Whether you’re on a juice cleanse or watching your diet, you will find your favourite drink on Retail Marketing without a doubt. For all the chai lovers – There’s tea to delight your senses. From regular tea to green tea and from jasmine to chamomile, you can find your favourite beverage with one single search. Not to mention the great benefits of green tea that includes boosting your immune system and helping with weight loss. Have a party coming up? Stock your pantry with a cold drink or soft drink like Coca Cola

2. You can also get the diet version of your favourite soft drink or even try a non-alcoholic version of your favourite alcohol. And, if you are a fan of plain old water, give Bisleri water a try. If flavourful water is what you are after, load up on some spring water or Himalayan mineral water. If you have been hitting the gym hard, then get your fill of energy drinks that will re-invigorate you and replenish those electrolytes.

On a juice fast? Try the aloe vera juice or regular fruit juice which contains less of the added sugar and more of the good vitamins and nutrients. Running late? Grab Real Juice and choose your flavour – guava juice, pomegranate juice, mango juice, orange juice or watermelon juice. If you prefer Tropicana over Real Juice, try the Tropicana Cranberry Juice instead. Cranberry juice has a ton of health benefits. It can help prevent infections, fight age-related issues and even help with UTIs.

All the nutritional information is easily available on Retail Marketing. You can check how many calories you are consuming with the fruit juice. Need to compare or check prices? Retail Marketing shows you the exact price alongside the product and usually with an exciting offer and discount. The Real Juice price for a 1 litre carton is merely Rs 68 which is much lower than its MRP which is Rs 99/-. Lipton Green tea price for 25 packets is less than the MRP – Rs 134/- You will always find all products on Retail Marketing much lower than their MRP and save money by also using combos and discounts. If you need something in a hurry, order your products on Retail Marketing and choose express delivery to have them delivered to you right at your doorstep the very same day.

Organic Drinks

Changed your life around and only living off organic produce? No problem! We have a great range of teas and juices from certified organic companies that assure you safe products for your online beverages shopping. From canned juices to tetrapacks explore the varieties on offer from 24 Mantra and EcoValley. There are plenty of options and flavours of leaf and tea bag teas to cleanse your body and mind.

Tea and Coffee

Stocking up on your daily needs of juices and teas is easy now with all your favourite brands on offer. Whether its leaf tea or teabags, black tea or green tea, regular chai or flavoured favourites, purchase your regular brands like Taj Mahal, Red Label, Tata Tea or Lipton. If you need your caffeine fix, whether it’s filtered or instant, we have all the strong hits to mild ones with Cothas Coffee, Sunrise and Bru to Nescafe and all its varieties. Sudden visits from friends and family can leave you high and dry, so stock up on squashes and juices that are easy to just mix up and serve. If its Fruits drinks and Juices you love, you can take your pick from the wide ranges from Tropicana, Real, Frooti, Maaza and all the brands of soft drinks. Express delivery when you really need it We’ve made online shopping so easy for you, you can always count on us in any situation, be it saving your precious time for other more important things or saving you from emergency situations when you can’t leave your home. Retail Marketing offers delivery in Delhi, delivery in Mumbai and delivery in major cities too.


Green TeaGreen Tea
Herbal TeaHerbal Tea
Black TeaBlack Tea
Flavored TeaFlavored Tea
Leaf TeaLeaf Tea
Loose TeaLoose Tea
Organic TeaOrganic Tea
White TeaWhite Tea
Ice TeaIce Tea
Orthodox TeaOrthodox Tea
Blended TeaBlended Tea
Yellow Tea


Organic Green TeaOrganic Green Tea

Green Tea Leaves PowderGreen Tea Leaves Powder
Green Tea LeavesGreen Tea Leaves
Green Instant TeaGreen Instant Tea
Natural Green TeaNatural Green Tea
Lemon Green TeaLemon Green Tea
Tulsi Green TeaTulsi Green Tea
Ginger Green TeaGinger Green Tea
Jasmine Green TeaJasmine Green Tea
Green Tea PremixGreen Tea Premix
Rose Green TeaRose Green Tea


Cold CoffeeCold Coffee

Instant CoffeeInstant Coffee
Instant Coffee PowderInstant Coffee Powder
Cappuccino CoffeeCappuccino Coffee
Filter Coffee PowderFilter Coffee Powder
Instant Green CoffeeInstant Green Coffee
Roasted CoffeeRoasted Coffee
Espresso CoffeeEspresso Coffee
Green Coffee PowderGreen Coffee Powder
Herbal CoffeeHerbal Coffee
Coffee CapsulesCoffee Capsules
Latte Coffee
Taj Mahal Tea
Taj Mahal Tea(219)
BRU Coffee
BRU Coffee(154)
Continental Coffee Powder
Continental Coffee Powder(17)
Girnar Green Tea
Girnar Green Tea(37)
Gold Coffee Powder
Gold Coffee Powder(21)
Himalaya Green Tea
Himalaya Green Tea(47)
Korakundah Green Tea
Korakundah Green Tea(126)
Lavazza Coffee Beans
Lavazza Coffee Beans(25)
Marvel Tea
Marvel Tea(47)
Nescafe Coffee Powder
Nescafe Coffee Powder(363)
Iced Lemon Tea
Iced Lemon Tea(198)
Green Iced Tea
Green Iced Tea(121)
Peach Ice Tea
Peach Ice Tea(97)
Peach Tea
Peach Tea(82)
Orange Ice Tea
Orange Ice Tea(39)
Strawberry Iced Tea
Strawberry Iced Tea(35)
Strawberry Tea
Strawberry Tea(55)
Mango Tea
Mango Tea(53)
Orange tea
Orange tea(50)
Apple Tea
Apple Tea(33)

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