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Himalaya Extrusion Limited

Himalaya Extrusion Limited offers a wide range of spices. This range has Meat Masala, Fish Curry Masala, Egg Curry Masala, and other spices. These items are pure and free of any contaminants or additives. All of them have a strong and distinct flavor that complements the food it is used in. Their flavor is neither too overpowering nor bland and can enhance the overall taste of the dish. These spices have a uniform and consistent texture and do not have any lumps or clumps. This ensures that our products mix well with other ingredients and distribute evenly throughout the dish. These products are now finding their usage in houses and restaurants.


The packaging of a good spice should be airtight and moisture-proof to preserve freshness and prevent spoilage. This packaging will also provide clear information about the type of spice, its origin, and any other relevant details.


All of these products are offered under the brand name RRG. These items are given to our customers at affordable prices. These products are always provided to our customers within a reasonable time frame.


Located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, we are a 60 years old company. For our market expansion in India, we are looking for city-level distributors.


Offered products:


– Meat Masala

– Fish Curry Masala

– Egg Curry Masala

– Chicken Masala

– Chhole Masala

– Chat Masala

– Garam Masala

– Besan 

– Hing

– Dry Fruits



Features of our products:

– Our spices have no added colors

– These species have a long shelf life

– Offered spices are highly pure



Distributors conditions:

– Our distributors must have a storage space of 200 to 500 sq. ft.                                  

– They have to pay an amount of INR 8 lakhs to 10 lakhs

– They should have knowledge about this market                       


Distributorship benefits:

– Our distributors will get high returns on investment

– They will earn margins that are going to increase

– If needed, they will be supported by us


Business organization USPs:

– Only high-quality spices and other products

– Importance is given to honesty

– Backing of a dependable team