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Gurukrupa Salt Works

Gurukrupa Salt Works, which was founded in 2023, has quickly become a major force in the salt sector and is pleased to introduce PECEL, its prestigious brand. With a focus on providing a wide variety of premium salts, the company is dedicated to producing top-notch granules. Gurukrupa Salt Works is mostly focused on edible salt, but they also produce Triple Refined Free Flow Iodized Salt, which is exceptionally pure and has an unparalleled flavour. With its foundation in the goal of offering customers superior products, PECEL by Gurukrupa Salt Works is a name that is synonymous with quality, innovation, and trust in the constantly changing world of salt distribution and production.


Gurukrupa Salt Works extends an invitation to ambitious people and companies to become distributors on our path. As a quickly expanding company with the well-known PECEL brand, we are looking for passionate partners to help us reach a wider audience and share our dedication to high-quality salt products.



Requirements to Become Distributors


Distributors need a large storage area to arrange the goods systematically.

We would rather work with qualified and experienced distributors.

The distributors must be able to contribute between one and two lakh rupees to the venture.

We are searching for distributors with a robust nationwide distribution network.



Perks the Distributors Will Get


Excellent profit margins will be received by the distributors from product sales.

They may build their own reputation as a brand and display their talent.

Distributors will receive full marketing and operational support from our team members.

The distributors can grow their network by partnering with us.



Product Portfolio



Edible Salt

Triple Refined Free Flow Iodized Salt



USP’s of the Products


High purity

Available in varied granule sizes

Free from harmful chemicals

Made under hygienic environment




Company USP’s


As a customer-focused business, our goal is complete client pleasure.

Our company is equipped to fulfill clients’ bulk and urgent needs.

Our clientele are wonderful people who are always there for us.


Our business adheres closely to moral, just, and open business practices.