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Green Farm

Green farm incorporated in 2020 has been a leading processor of Dehydrated Vegetable products in Ready to cook segment with Registered Trade Mark brand Ayus Soak & Cook. Various products are available in dried whole, cut, sliced, broken, or powdered formats for use as gravies, soups, noodles, chutneys, seasonings, and Ayurvedic treatments.


With a range of over 30 items, Green farm is a one stop shop for any Ready to cook dehydrated products. The company has also made Dry Mix Food market by supplying various convenient ready to cook food to Tour Operators, Mountaineers, Trekkers, Railway and also to Restaurants, Dhabas and other caterers. Our factory, located in Faridabad, Haryana, has an accreditation of Food Safety FSSAI license of manufacturing & packaging Dehydrated food products.


Formed in the year 2020, our current annual sales figure is standing at INR 1000000. In order to increase our market reach, we are looking for region-level distributors. We are looking for them in Delhi/NCR, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, West Bengal, and Eastern State. We want our distributors from hilli towns, coastal towns, student zone, and towns with high-rise buildings (covering working people) like metro cities.


Note – Our distributorship term will be only for one time.


Offered products:

– Onion powder

– Garlic Powder

– Ginger Powder

– Tomato powder

– Potato flakes

– Tamarind Powder

– Carrot flakes


Please note that this list is not exhaustive.


USPs of our products:

– Our dehydrated vegetables are safe to consume

– These vegetables have a long shelf life

– They have various health benefits


Conditions for becoming our distributors:

– The distributors need to have a storage space of 50 sq. ft. to store our food items and other products

– They must invest an amount of INR 0.5 lakh

– They should focus on full customer satisfaction

– They must have a clean past record


Benefits for our distributors:

– Our distributors will earn 7% – 15% (depending upon location and other pricing factors) margins

– They will get support in brand building

– They will get help in advertising


Company USPs:

– Less competition

– Customer-centric approach

– Adept workforce