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Bentley & Remigton Pvt Ltd

Bentley & Remington Private Limited is engaged in offering high-quality health and beauty products. Hand sanitizers offered by us can provide relief from all kinds of pathogens that are present on hands. Offer Neem & Turmeric Soap that can not only cleanse our whole body but also cure various skin problems. All of the medicines including AciPhar L, Action Cold, etc. can effectively cure many types of ailments. Our array of glucose shots can be absorbed by the body and provides instant energy. Due to this reason, we are an ideal drink for athletes, gym-goers, and people who need a quick energy boost. These glucose shots contain water and electrolytes that help in the rehydration of the body. Our products are good drinks for people who are dehydrated due to excessive sweating or hot weather conditions. They can help in the replenishment the lost fluids, electrolytes, and glucose, and helps in muscle recovery. Lip offered by us can soften lips and creates a protective barrier over the lips, which helps to shield them from the sun, wind, and other environmental factors that can cause damage.


All of these products are offered under the brand names VITCOSE-D, GLUCORADE, BEAULINE, SURGITOL, and SURGICLENS. These products are formulated utilizing ingredients.


Located in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, our current annual sales figure is standing between INR 15 crore – INR 20 crore, and have 250 distributors on our side.


To increase our market expansion rate in India, we are now looking for trustworthy state-level distributors.


Offered products:

– Ethanol Hand Sanitizer

– Hand Wash

– Antiseptic Liquid

– Neem & Turmeric Soap

– Fruits & Veggie Wash

– AciPhar DM

– AciPhar L

– Action Cold

– Flexedrin MR / Flexedrin SP

– Icin Plus / Icin 650 / Icin 1000 / Icin Diclo / Icin Power

– Resistal P

– Resistal M

– Meficine-Forte

– Mucocid

– Panzee

– Spasgin

– Trigin

– Sernak

– Ciproben

– Zifelox

– Zif-X 200

– Fortuner (multivitamin)

– LeanOn (slimming)

– Tangy Orange glucose shots

– Refreshing Icy Mint glucose shots

– Alphonso Mango glucose shots

– Mixed fruit glucose shots

– Wild Strawberry glucose shots

– Lemon glucose shots

– Glucose-D

– Lip Balm


Features of our products:

– All our products are effective

– They have no toxic additives

– Our soaps and sanitizes are skin-friendly


Distributorship requirements:

– An amount of INR 1.00 Lac – INR 2.00 Lac will be needed as an initial investment

– Storage space of 300 sq. ft. will be needed to store our items

– A customer-focused approach just like us


Distributorship benefits:

– Full support from our side will be provided

– Growth opportunities after joining us

– High returns on the initial investment


Company USPs:

– High-quality health and beauty products

– Dependable team members

– Easy payment options