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Ananta Aarogya offers a wide range of healthy snacks under the brand name Eatriite (tagline: Eat Right, Stay Bright). This range comprises Berry Mix Dried, Mixfruits Dried & Sweetened, Healthy Morning Mix, Assorted Nuts Mix, and other snacks. All of these products have a great taste and are very healthy. The reason behind their health is that they are made of dry fruits, spices, and other healthy ingredients like seeds, dried berries, dehydrated fruits, etc. We adhere to the saying i.e., Pehla Sukh Nirogi Kaaya” or Health is Wealth. This encourages us to provide only top-grade items that satisfy the health needs of our consumers. All our products come with 100% Retailer RTV (Godown Expiries not included for RTV).


Ananta Aarogya was established in late 2020 and started its operations in 2021. On April 2022, we started to offer these items under the brand name Eatriite. In comparison to other players in this domain, our focus has mainly been on establishing an offline distribution network. This shows we are committed to establishing Eatriite as a brand for generations. This has helped us in establishing a network of more than 60 distributors in more than 12 states. Also, we have approximately 70 SKUs. Our annual sales figure is INR 2 crores -INR 5 crores.


We are planning to increase our presence across India in the next FY 23-24. For this reason, we are searching for area/city-level distributors. Once we establish a good network of distributors, we are going to more and more products under Eatriite brand.


Note: Our distributorship term will be yearly and also, renewable.


Offered products:

– Berry Mix Dried

– Mixfruits Dried & Sweetened

– Healthy Morning Mix

– Assorted Nuts Mix

– Black Pepper

– Cloves

– Quinoa Seeds

– Poppey Seeds

– Flax Seeds


This list is not exhaustive.


USPs of our products:

– Every item offered by us is delectable

– They have no harmful ingredients in them

– All of these food items have lots of health benefits


Distributorship conditions:

– A space of 120 sq. ft. – 500 sq. ft. to store these healthy snacks

– Investment required to be our distributor is going to be INR 2.5 lakhs – INR 3 lakhs

– Must have an annual sale of INR 25 – INR 30 lacs


Distributorship benefits:

– Earn margins of 6% – 8% (plus 3% depending upon various conditions)

– Target-based schemes for our retailers and distributors.

– Will be provided with sales staff

– Support will be given for advertising and brand building

– Informative brochures will be given by us


Company USPs:

– Before starting anything, regional marketing or advertising plans are discussed with distributors

– Along with superior products, we focus on providing the best services

– We make sure that our consumers remain happy with us

– We provide top-grade healthy snacks