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Additri Thrillets Foods Llp

Additri Thrillets Foods LLP is a Hyderabad, Telangana based millet food products manufacturing company which started its business in 2022. Within a span of an year, the organization has become the prime source of Porridge Ready Mix- Foxtail Millet & Carrot, Browntop Millet & Beetroot, Finger Millet & Moringa and allied products. The food items are made with the usage of high-quality ingredients as per the norms & guidelines of the industry.


Thrillets is the official brand of the company which has gained huge admiration in the Indian market for its healthy and safe food products.


As a young company, the company’s ultimate goal is to grow nationwide with the assistance of reputable distributors. Our company is searching for reliable, competent, and seasoned distributors with a robust nationwide distribution network.



Requirements to Become Distributors


Distributors should, first and foremost, have a broad distribution network and excellent industry understanding.

Second, the distributors are capable of investing around 50-75 thousand rupees in the business.

They are able to deliver the bulk consignments to any location in the nation in the allotted period.

Distributors are committed to run their business fairly & ethically.



Product Portfolio


Porridge Ready Mix- Foxtail Millet & Carrot, Browntop Millet & Beetroot, Finger Millet & Moringa, Pancake Ready Mix- Pearl Millet & Apple, Kodo Millet & Banana, Barnyard Millet & Papaya, Little Millet & Sweet Potato, etc.



Perks the Distributors Will Get


The distributors will receive exposure from our organization that will aid in their in-depth understanding of the market.

They will have the opportunity to speak with the customers face-to-face and learn about their unique demands.

The distributors will be able to get around 35% of the margin on the sale of the products.

They will receive training from our team of experts and full operational support.



USP’s of the Products


Air tight & attractive packaging

Easy to digest

Made form natural ingredients

Longer shelf life

Healthy & pure



Company USP’s


Our organization’s primary benefit is our adaptability and capacity to satisfy the market’s expanding demands.

Our state-of-the-art production facilities enable us to satisfy our customers’ large orders.

We have excellent relationships with our clients, who consistently recognize the high caliber of our services.


At our organization, we constantly support team members’ fresh and creative ideas.