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Aankhen New Media Business India Private Limited

Aankhen New Media Business India Private Limited

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Ladies Printed Saree

Ladies Sarees

Ladies Sarees

Ladies Plain T Shirt

Check Mens Shirt

Mens Plain T Shirt

Mens Polo T Shirt

Surya Raj No1 Aromatic Insence Sticks

Suryaraj Ayurvedic Message Oil

Mens Plain T Shirt

Mens Straight Fit Jeans

Surya Raj No1 Aromatic Insence Sticks

Suryaraj Ayurvedic Message Oil

Mens Plain T Shirt

Mens Strechable Jeans

Product And Company Details



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WE News SCI Live (ANMB India Group) News Network has been established on 01/01/2017 in District Hoshangabad in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh NewsSCI Live (ANMB India Group) today with more than 100 bureaus in India and worldwide South Madhya Pradesh is established in India. Willingness to meet basic human needs for knowledge and information, And we have done so in the room of our guiding principles with truth, trust, quality, and speed. Era of rapidly evolving technologies Our quest for excellence to meet the growing demand for news and information gives us new and redesigned products and services in the rooms of leading multimedia news networks in South India and the world’s best professionals NEWS SCI LIVE (ANMB MIDIA GROUP), one of the banned corporate media organizations, has a great reputation for living.

No wonder we have subscribers and TVs at home and in the country. Get the latest news of national and state-level politics with a full analysis of channel radio station newspapers website and mobile. Be it coverage of Bihar elections or preparing for assembly elections in West Bengal, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Puducherry, you will be updated with all the latest election news. Local News (News from your own state and city)

Get the latest trend of almost all the states of India and all their big cities. News in Hindi Uttar Pradesh News, Bihar News, Delhi-NCR News, Punjab News, Haryana News, Uttarakhand News for every big and big news of major big states and cities with the latest news of other states. Entertainment News:

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Key features of the app:

. Easy and user friendly category selection.                                                                                                    

. Read e-papers published from more than 37 places and get latest UP news, Bihar news, Delhi-NCR news, Punjab news, Haryana news, Uttarakhand news.                                                                                 

. Facility to read in both Hindi and English (Jagran Post) languages from the same app.                                 

Get Unlimited General Knowledge and Current Affairs Quiz.                                                                           

Facilitation to prepare for competitive exams and government job interviews.

. Health and care: Get detailed topics on healthy lifestyle, weight loss methods, parenting, pregnancy and many more.                                                                                                             

. Share your favorite Hindi news on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or other social media channels via email.

. Easy and fast even on slow network connections.

. Get videos, audio podcasts (coming soon) with the latest news and many other features. Download the best Hindi news app and stay updated with the latest news.


(A)-B. ANMB INDIA GROUP: Manufacturers and Suppliers:-


ANMB INDIA GROUP: Brand:- Surya Raj No. 1 is a newly established business enterprise (formed in the year 2019), which deals in a vast product range. Being a trader, we are dealing in a vast variety of apparel and with an in-house production unit, we are serving these products in a timely way. Our network of vendors as well as clients is constantly expanding nationwide. And our consistently popularizing product range covers Ladies Plain T-Shirt, Men’s Check Shirt, Ladies Party Wear Saree, Ladies Georgette Saree, Ladies Fancy Jeans, and Ladies Skin Fit Jeans. Apart from these apparels, we are also offering Surya Raj No. 1 Ayurvedic Massage Oil and Surya Raj No. 1 Aromatic Incense Sticks. From Hoshangabad (Madhya Pradesh, India), this firm is aiming to establish its name in the markets all across the country….          

We at ANMB INDIA GROUP  have ambitions of leading the markets of India with a better quality range of apparel as well as Ayurvedic Products. By serving as a manufacturer and trader, we are bringing a large product range to reach out & serve customers in many distinct sectors. Our offered product spectrum ranges from Ladies Georgette Saree, Ladies Party Wear Saree, Ladies Plain T-Shirt, Means Check Shirt to Surya Raj No. 1 Ayurvedic Massage Oil and Surya Raj No. 1 Aromatic  Incense Sticks. A few of our offered items are procured from the associated vendors. 


Customers, Our First Priority:-

In a short time span, our offerings such as Surya Raj No. 1 Aromatic Incense Sticks, Surya Raj No. 1 Ayurvedic Massage Oil, Ladies Georgette Saree, etc. have started securing a leading spot in the market. Each item has got wide recognition & acknowledgment amongst the individuals and other suppliers due to a higher grade of attributes. With this qualitative range, we have managed to earn worthy respect, loyalty, and trust of our prestigious customers. Furthermore, we look forward to becoming a resourceful partner for as many customers as possible, nationwide.


Quality Above All

From the very first day, we are a quality conscious organization. No matter how large is the order placed by our customers, the quality of each item remains within the promised quality premise. Each item that is either manufactured at our unit or does not pass through thorough inspection tests based on its respective quality features is not approved for delivery. And only quality confirmed items are delivered from our end. Besides this, we provide premium packaging to our offerings before their final shipment.


Our Purpose

The ultimate purpose of our firm is to not only accomplish all milestones in the manufacturing & trading domain of Ladies Georgette Saree, Surya Raj No. 1 Ayurvedic Massage Oil, Surya Raj No. 1 Aromatic Incense Sticks, etc. but also raise their bar of quality standards in the domain. Through this, we seek to attain a level of success, which none has ever achieved before in the market.


Why Choose Us?

There are enormous reasons why customers are choosing our offered products & services over any other firm, a few of them being:

.        Quality alongside the quantity of product range

.        Highly competitive price range

.       Smart, safe & timely shipment

.        Customer integrated approaches towards work



Nature of Business

Media News Broadcasting Network & Manufacturer, Trader and Supplier


Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh, India

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Private Limited Company

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 Bank of India

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      8269100971, 9617328411

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      968574724411, 9174119417

Distributors Benefits

Company Name:- Aankhen New Media Business India Private Limited

Address:- H No. 239,Floor, 2 Block T and H No. 266, Block W, IHSDP Nagar Palika Bhawan, Nyas colony Housing Board

Phone Number:- 08045803287

Please contact us or send your response to become our distributor.

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