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Eggfolks Super Foods Private Limited

YEGGZ, presented by Eggfolks Super Foods Private Limited, is a renowned brand of egg-based healthy food snacks. We are dedicated to manufacturing innovative and nutritious egg-based snacks.


Since inception, our operation revolves around transparency, sustainable practices, and a commitment to delivering wholesome products. We take every step with care, right from responsible sourcing to making delightful snacks. With our products, we provide consumers with a unique and enriching snacking experience.

We offer snacks such as Yeggz Spicy Fusion with Sriracha Gochujang, Yeggz Classic with Salted Butter & Pepper, Yeggz Tangy Inferno Pineapple & Jalapeno, Yeggz Warm Sweetness Apple & Cinnamon, and many other snacks in various packs.


We want to position YEGGZ as the leading brand of egg-based health food snacks. We want it to be highly demanded by customers in various parts of the country. In order to attain our goal, we are focusing on enhancing its availability in several markets. We are appointing distributors, who will deliver products on behalf of us to retailers and stores in various cities and states.


If you want to join our high potential business of healthy snacks, get in touch with us. You can be a part of our company as a distributor, witnessing growth and success in the markets of this booming product category.


What Do We Offer?


  • Yeggz Spicy Fusion with Sriracha Gochujang

  • Yeggz Classic with Salted Butter & Pepper

  • Yeggz Tangy Inferno Pineapple & Jalapeno

  • Yeggz Tropical Firecrunch with Korean Spices

  • Yeggz Warm Sweetness Apple & Cinnamon

  • Yeggz CHA – CHA With Sweet Achaari


Key Features of Our Products


  • Rich on protein

  • Good taste

  • Highly crispy

  • Flavorful

  • Longer shelf life


Who Can Become Our Distributor?


  • Certain level of business knowledge and experience in the similar or same business.

  • Understanding of consumer preferences, local market dynamics and distribution channels.

  • Ability to make retailers and consumers realize the health benefits of consuming egg-based snacks over others.


Perks Our Distributors Will Get

  • Complete support for branding in the form of brochures, posters, social media campaigns, and ads.

  • City-wise distributorship right, which minimizes competition and enhances opportunities for getting higher sales.

  • Assistance in solving complex issues or complaints from customers.

  • Logistical support includes order fulfillment and timely delivery of orders to customers.


USP’s of Our Company



  • We have sound facilities for hygienically and quickly manufacturing egg-based snacks.

  • We focus on packaging as it prevents the quality attributes and enhances the visual appeal of our products.

  • We prepare snacks in a wide variety of flavors and quantity packs.

  • We focus on conducting research to launch more egg-based, healthy snacks.