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Amirtha Dairy Private Limited

AMIRTHAA DAIRY PRIVATE LIMITED is a company that manufactures different types of milk-based products. These items are Vanilla Milkshakes and Strawberry Milkshakes and they are offered under the brand name Milchmann. Since our inception, our goal has always been to offer consumers high-quality milkshakes that are not only delicious but good for health. To do this, we use superior-quality milk and other food ingredients to make our products. We also make sure no preservatives and other toxic additives are added to our products. To make sure no insects, pathogens, etc., deteriorate our dairy items, we offer them in leakage-free and sturdy packaging.


We have given importance to transparency, honesty, and quality. This is because we believe that our customers have the right to know if their dairy products are delectable and safe. Formed in Erode, Tamil Nadu, India, we started out in the year 2015. We have 150 distributors with us and our annual sale is INR 120 crores – INR 130 crores. Through these figures, we have proven that we are one of the successful companies in this domain.


We want to further increase our market reach and due to this reason, we are searching for state-level distributors.


Offered products:

– Vanilla Milkshakes

– Strawberry Milkshakes


USPs of our products:

– Our products have a great taste

– The shelf life of our products is long

– They are safe to consume


Condition of being our distributors:

– Our distributors must pay an amount of INR 5 lakhs – INR 6 lakhs an initial investment and a storage space of 10 sq. ft.

– They must deliver products on time and most importantly, in a good condition

– They should know have to build strong relationships with both us and our consumers

– If they have a good understanding of this market then it would be helpful

– They must respond promptly to consumers inquiries and concerns


Advantages for our distributors:

– Our distributors will get high returns on investment

– They will earn an opportunity to work in the dairy products’ market

– If needed then we will support them


Features of our company:

– We conduct our business with integrity and respect our associates

– We have a support of effective leadership

– We prioritize consumer satisfaction